Jayawant Institute of Pharmacy, Tathawade, Pune.

S.No.82/2,Pune-Mumbai Bypass Highway, JSPM Campus, Tathawade,Pune-411 033
Approved By AICTE & PCI

GFM Scheme


1. Provide emotional support to students on personage basis.
2. Initiate Strong bond between teachers, student & parents.
3. Monitor attendance and behavioural aspects of every student.
4. Identify weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.

Functioning of GFM scheme

1. In this scheme each of the newly admitted students is assigned to a particular faculty member who has the responsibility of being their “Teacher Guardian”.
2. The student can approach his/her respective “Teacher-Guardian” with any difficulty he/ she may be having (Academic or else).
3. The Teacher Guardian monitors the growth of his/ her students by reviewing the student’s attendance & internal assessment marks at regular intervals.
4. If any deficiencies are noted in the performance the issues are discussed in the departmental level, student affairs committee and the staff council meeting and efforts are made to recognize the reason for the poor performance & necessary corrective measures are taken after consulting the respective departments.
5. Corrective measures may include holding remedial classes, additional assessment exams & counselling if necessary.