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Research Environment & Support

Science and engineering research conducted in academic institutions, industry, laboratories, and elsewhere plays a critical role in raising our standard of living, creating jobs, improving health, and helps in improving the quality of teaching learning process in the institute to create techno-savvy engineers with the knowledge compatible with the requirement of the recruiters. Research activities are enhanced in the institution with collaborative efforts with different funding agencies like AICTE, UGC, DST, ISTE etc and the industries.
Support for research
Institute has created research environment among the students and faculty members thorugh various workshops and seminar to update them with varius funding agencies, research methodologies etc. The institute’s Academci and Research Coordination Cell provides support to students and staff for filing research proposals. Academci and laboroaty facilities are provided those who wish to carry out the research work. Finacial Assistance is provided to patent filing and research publications.  


1. To create research awareness amongst our faculty members and students.
2. To facilitate mutual cooperation between researchers for interdisciplinary research.
3. To establish a forward and backward linkage among different sectors like Industry, R&D organizations, foreign universities and apex bodies. 4. To work towards developing JSPM as internationally recognized R&D centres.


1. To organize various events like national and international conferences, workshops on research methodology and patents, symposia, guest lectures in order to achieve the prestated aim of enhancing the research awareness.
2. To have faster collaboration and interaction with researchers working on disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.
3. To encourage every faculty member for research proposal writing and to participate in R&D activities leading to Doctoral degree.

Research Environment and Support

1. Suitable learning, training and mentoring opportunities
2. Robust system to ensure policies related to research
3. Awareness amongst faculty about research
4. Mechanism for providing research support
5. A culture of excellence in terms of research expectations, commitment to education
6. Provide opportunities to develop research ideas and innovations
7. Initiatives for encouraging research
8. Externally competitive but internally co-operative
9. Well equipped lab for research
10. Availability of chemicals, reagents and consumables

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